Our Law Office is offering services of reaching the relevant state within 24 hours, receiving support from local attorneys and providing verbal/written consultancy for all lawsuits and legal processes in relation to Foreigner proceedings. In this respect, we are working hard to develop efficient and fast solutions for any legal disputes through correspondent law offices in many countries, primarily in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Monaco, Canada and England.

Gürol Law Office offers attorney and consultancy services in many processes related to Foreigners Law including recognition of foreigner marriages by Turkish authorities, residency and work permit application procedures for foreign workers, legal problems related to acquisition of property by foreigners in Turkey.

Gürol Law Office also offers legal infrastructure in all correspondences, dunning letters, response and correction context and agreement preparations in particular in English, French and Italian languages for the clients.

Accessing all cities of Europe within 24 hours and supporting the clients with physical presence in all legal negotiations related to foreigner issues are among our strategic solutions abroad.